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The Many Benefits of Orthodontics

February 24th, 2022

There is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a patient walk out of my office with a big smile on their face. It’s particularly rewarding if it’s the result of a treatment that I recommended, such as orthodontics. A straight smile is beautiful, of course, but there are many other reasons that I suggest orthodontics — Invisalign, in particular — to my patients. That’s right … ortho isn’t just cosmetic! There are numerous benefits to your overall health, as well! What are they?

How Orthodontics Can Benefit You

Sure, Invisalign can give you that news anchor-perfect smile, but it does so much more, including:

  • Positioning your bite to improve digestion. If your teeth aren’t lined up properly when you chew, they’re not doing the work that’s necessary to digest your food efficiently. This puts a burden on the other digestive processes. When your teeth meet as they should when you chew, your food is broken down into tiny, digestible pieces.
  • Preventing or correcting jaw pain. Jaw pain, ear aches, neck aches, and shoulder aches can all be caused by jaw misalignments. Invisalign places your jaw where it should be, preventing problems with the temporomandibular (jaw) joint and allowing you to enjoy speaking, eating, laughing, and even yawning without pain.
  • Deterring tooth decay and gum disease (and subsequently, tooth loss). If your teeth are overlapped, they’re difficult to clean thoroughly. When they’re properly aligned, you can get between them easily when you floss, preventing plaque and tartar from accumulating and leading to decay and disease.
  • Improving your self-esteem! If you’re not happy with your smile, you’re more likely to be self-conscious about sharing it. Maybe you smile with closed lips, cover your mouth when you laugh, or even avoid social situations where photos might be taken. When you’re pleased with your appearance, you’re more willing to enjoy life to the fullest. No more dodging social occasions.

If you’ve been thinking about Invisalign but believed it to be merely cosmetic, now’s the time to seek treatment. Because we know how important straight teeth are to your overall health, we are currently offering $500 off Invisalign treatment to get you on the road to wellness. With the many benefits that orthodontics provide, you’ll be doing your whole body a favor! When you’re ready to talk about a treatment plan, contact my office to schedule an appointment.


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